Advantages Of Variac Transformer

Auto-transformer is a unique kind of a single winding transformer. The winding process is used on both main and secondary ends (high-voltage and low-voltage). It is used extensively for its variable voltage, reduced price and tiny size function.There are two distinct high voltage side winding’s in a standard two winding variac transformer manufacturer. The link...
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What Are The Best Ways to Test Transformer Oil?

When it comes to performing preventive maintenance drives for transformers, the oil is what is checked first. As that is something that allows heat transfer for the transformer but also helps in insulation. While cleaning and ensuring that the transformer is in its best condition is a must for all, the oil check is something...
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How to choose the right insulation tester?

What is insulation testing? In an ideal situation the electrical current which is passing along a conductive wire should directly reach its final destination, but in reality some of this current is lost on the way for a myriad of reasons. Wires are usually insulated with resistant sheathing to ensure maximum conductivity, however still certain...
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