Udeyraj’s High voltage Testing Equipments used Highly in Industrial Applications

Today, there are numerous industries manufacturing products and those products are used as another raw manufacturing machines for higher end industries. These industries specifically use High Voltage machines because the production and accuracy are of measurable importance. Udeyraj is the name to reckon when it comes to excellence not only in the customized designs but...
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Oil Testing of Transformer- Some Best Practices with Udeyraj

Udeyraj’s testing of transformer oil program offers insulating oil and transformer oil testing and analysis on a universal front. The laboratories generally carry out tests for transformer oil quality, chemical composition and purity. The testing methods for transformer oil include BS, ASTM and various other recognized testing procedures. Routine testing of insulating oils and transformer oils on...
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Leading High Voltage Test Equipment Manufacturer in India – Udeyraj Electricals Private Limited

High voltage equipments are required to be checked periodically for their safety and seamlessness. To check high voltage, one needs high voltage tester, which is a device or tool manufactured by professional companies. High voltage equipments are needed to be checked by hi voltage testers for various reasons. For concluding various industrial processes in various...
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Udeyraj Electricals Private Limited is India’s First Manufacturer of High Voltage Testing Equipment & Dividers

High voltage testing is a common industrial process, which is performed to check the performance of the insulators. To ensure optimal insulation and to identify the leakage current potential through the insulator, the process of high voltage testing is carried out. Now, high voltage testing process has to be done with precision, with the help...
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