Capacitance & Tan Delta Tester
Capacitance & Tan Delta Tester

Capacitance & Tan Delta Tester


CDF - 6000

UDEY CDF-6000 is a new generation, fully automatic, 12 kV capacitance and dissipation factor test set designed for insulation and quality assessment of high voltage power apparatus in the field, floor shop or laboratory. The entire test is done automatically and quickly. Operator enters the test parameters and UDEY CDF-6000 takes over; powers up the voltage, balances the bridge, takes the readings, ramps down to zero and displays the results on the LCD screen. Prints results through its built-in printer. A key feature of the CDF-6000 is its advanced interference suppression circuit based on the principle of line frequency modulation. The operator sets the CDF-6000 to take measurements at frequencies above and below the line frequency to cancel out the effects of interference caused by the high voltage lines. Accurate measurements are made in even in energized switch yards up to 765 kV.

  • Machine Feature

    • Maximum output of 12 kV/200 mA
    • RS 232 interface
    • Can re call stored 99 tests results.
    • Automatic calendar and time running. Safety Features : • High Voltage protection
    • Input Voltage protection
    • Grounded protection
    • No voltage overshoot
  • Machine Technical Specification

    Output*: Measuring Range:

    Test voltage: 0.5 ~ 12 kV, user-selectable
    The output test voltage tolerance of the CDF-6000 is +1% of the selectedtest voltage and remains stable along the duration of the test, un-affected by line or input voltage fluctuations.

    Test current: 200 mA maximum

    Test capacitance range @ 50 Hz / 60Hz.
    • Internal power supply 200 mA max.
    3pF ~ 0.05µF @ 12kV
    60pF ~ 1µF @ 0.5kV
    • External power supply, 5A max.
    3pF ~1.25µF@12kV
    • Resolution: 0.001pF, 4 digits
    * If higher than 12 kV test voltage, higher current or extended test capacitance is desired, the CDF-6000 allows interface with an external power supply and external reference capacitor while using its bridge circuit to take measurements and output results. Tan δ range: 0 ~100%, resolution .001%
    Voltage: 0~12kV
    Current: 10µA~5A
    Also displays the phase angle, frequency, watts loss, insulation power factor or tan delta, resistance (in the case of resistive specimens), inductance and quality factor (in the case of inductive specimens).
    Capacitance: +1% of reading + 1pF
    Tan : +1% of reading +.00040
    Voltage: +1% of reading.
  • Standard Accessories

    1. 12 meters of HV cable with hook and clip
    2. 2 sets of Cx and Cn cables with clips
    3. Guard cable with clips
    4. Grounding cable and power cord
    5. RS 232 Cable  
    6. RS 232 Software 
    6. Paper roll
    7. Fuses - 2 nos

  • Video