Transformer Ratio Meter Fully Automatic-TRM-101
Transformer Ratio Meter Fully Automatic-TRM-101

Transformer Ratio Meter Fully Automatic-TRM-101



Introduction: Ratio testers using manual ‘current measuring bridge circuits are now out dated. UDEY model TRM-101 is a new, fully automatic tester that measures transformation ratio of single phase and three phase transformers using modern electronic techniques. TRM-101 is micro controller operated user friendly, accurate, reliable, small, light weight and reliable tester. TRM-101 incorporates a large LCD screen for display of menu and results. The results can be stored & printed on built-in printer after the test is over. TRM-101 incorporates breakthrough technology and design that gives accurate and reliable results, again and again.

  • Machine Feature

    Main functions:
    * Voltage Ratio measurement of three or single phase transformers.
    *Group vector measurement of three phase transformers.
    *Polarity measurement of single phase transformer, CT or PT.
    * Voltage Ratio error calculation
    * Voltage Ratio range calculation of three phase transformers.
    *Current Transformer ratio measurement.
    *Excitation current measurement in ratio testing.
    * Save the test results in the internal memory of tester.
    * Print the test results on built-in printer.
    * Protection: Reverse connection. Over current.
    * Upload test results by Rs232 interface.
  • Machine Technical Specification


    Display LCD
    Power supply 220V±10%, AC 50 Hz
    Measurement ratio 1:10000
    Measuring groups 1-12 point
    Phase measurement error 1 degree
    Ratio measurement error 1-2000:±0.2%; 2000-10000:±0.5%.
    Test voltage H.T.: 80V AC max; L.T.: 5V AC max.
    Use environment < 40º C. < 85% R.H.
    Accessories Test leads 8 meters long
    Dimensions 40x 35 x 20 cm (TRM 101)
    Weight 7 kg. (TRM 101)


  • Standard Accessories

    1. Flexible 3 core testing leads with alligator clamp -1 pair.
    2. Mains connecting cable.
    3. Earth Cable.
    4. PC Soft ware for RS 232.
    5. RS 232 cable 
    6. Paper roll for printer, 1 no.
    7. Spare fuses 2 nos.
    8. Operating manual 1 no.