Timer Interval Meter

Timer Interval Meter



The UDEY TIM-1 is a high precision, new generation test set using crystal base for measurements.

  • Machine Feature

    · Digital display in 4 digits.
    · Multi-range: to 9999 seconds in five ranges
    · Portable light weight.
  • Machine Technical Specification

    Power Supply 230V ± 10%, AC 50 Hz
    Measuring Range 9999/9.999/99.99/999.9/9999 seconds
    Measuring Accuracy Range: ±0.05% ± 1 count
    Display LED 12.5 mm; 4 digit with decimal
    Protection of Input Signal up to 240V AC / DC
    In Contacts [Potential Free]
    OPEN: 100K or more
    CLOSED: 100 ohm or less
    Auxiliary output contact 1 change over potential free.
    Rating 1A 240V AQC or 24V DC.
    Operating Modes Time interval measurement; stop watch.
    1) Start/Stop by potential free open contact closing
    2) Start/Stop by potential free close contact Opening
    3) Starts by step +ve voltage application (50-250V DC)
    4) Stops by step +ve voltage removal (50-250V DC)
    Usage Environment : Less than 45°C.
    Less than 85% R.H.
    Enclosure ABS body with tilting handle.
    Dimensions : 21.5 (W)x23(D)x9(H) cm approx.
    Weight : 1.8 kg approx.
  • Standard Accessories

    Power Supply cord 3 core.
    Flexible testing cable set with alligator clamps-2 pairs.
    Operating Manual.