Relay Testing Kits

Relay Testing Kits


  • Machine Feature

    Input 240V ±10%, AC, 50/60Hz.
    Digital Timer 4 digit, solid state, time interval measuring system, 5 ranges from .0001 to 9999 seconds.
    Accuracy ±0.5% + 1 count.
    Timer Control Circuits Timer automatically starts when output is initiated and automatically stops when the device. under test operates.
    Test ConditionsNormally open contacts (Potential free) / Normally closed contacts (Potential Free).
    Auto cut-offCuts off output on operation of device under test.
    Duty cycle 10 mins ON / 15 mins OFF.
    Metering Digital LED volt and amp meters. Accuracy: ± 1% ± 3 digits.
    Operation A SET / TEST switch is provided so that the appropriate test current can be set up before the test is actually carried out, and to avoid damage to relay coils by disconnecting the test current after the relay has operated.
    Construction Sheet metal cabinet powder coated with cover and lifting handles.
    Accessories 3 core mains cord, Test leads-2 metre long and operating manual.
  • Machine Technical Specification

    Secondary Current Injector SCT-MR

    Output Two independently adjustable outputs available simultaneously
    AC Current 100A at 0-5V AC
    50A at 0-10V AC
    25A at 0-20V AC
    10A at 0-50V AC
    2.5A at 0-75V AC
    1A at 0-150V AC
    Each of these outputs has a separate terminal referred to one common terminal.
    Duty Cycle 15 min ON/15 min OFF

    0-230V, 1A, DC full wave unsmoothed
    0-230V, 1A, AC fully isolated
    Each of these outputs has a separate pair of terminals.

    Metering Current/Voltage: Digital 12.5mm LED meters
    Current Displays output in Amperes 0-2-20-100A,
    Voltage Separate meters for AC and DC outputs 300V.
  • Standard Accessories