CU Series
CU Series
CU Series

CU Series


UDEY insulating oil testers are market standards since 1960 and several thousand of units are in use around the world. Series CU are semi automatic compact and portable testers giving smooth variable outputs of 60, 80 and 100kV for testing dielectric of insulating oils used in electrical equipments. Stirrer is provided to stir oil for 60 seconds. Timer of 60 seconds is provided for conducting withstand tests.

  • Machine Feature

    • Easy operation-Fully automatic test cycle along with average BDV display.
    • Automatic change of sample number of test.
    • Automatic calendar and time running even with power off.
    • Recall and print last 99 test results stored for 100 years even with power off.
    • Programmable: Number of tests, Settling time, stir time, and waiting time.
    • LCD displays: Test status, HV rise, HV fall, BDV of previous test and test results.
    • Tests to: IEC 156, IS 6792, JIS C2101, BS 5874, VDE 0370, GB-86 etc.
    • Countdown display of time in ‘Settling, Stir, and Waiting’ modes.
    • Built in printer.
    • Zero start safety and test chamber access interlock.
    • Ergonomic design, completely user friendly-just 36 kg in weight.
  • Machine Technical Specification

    Input Supply 220±10% Volts AC, 50 Hz, single phase.
    Test Voltage Model:CU-60 (60kV.) Model:CU-80 (80kV.) Model:CU-90 (90kV.) Model: CU-100
    Capacity CU-60:1.2kVA; CU-80:1.6 kVA; CU-90:1.8kVA; CU-100:2 kVA.
    Accuracy 2%
    Wave form Distortion < 3%.
    Time of Breakdown <10 millisecond.
    Rate of rise of Voltage 2 kV per second ± 20%.
    kV Indication Three Digit.
    Test number indication One Digit.

    User defined settings
    a) Calendar, sample number
    B) Number of Tests Settable from 1 to 6 times.
    c) Settling time Settable from 0-999 seconds.
    d) Stirring time Settable from 0-999 seconds.
    e) Waiting time Settable from 0-999 seconds.
    Test cell with Electrodes Type ‘TC-2’: 36 mm mushroom electrodes.
    Type ‘TC-3’: 25 mm flat disc electrodes.
    Type ‘TC-1’: 13 mm round electrodes.
    Gap Gauge 2.5 mm
    Printer Built in printer for printing results on plain paper.
    Construction In light weight aluminum cabinet with removable cover, lock and lifting handles.
    Temperature Range 5 to 40º C.
    Relative Humidity < 85% RH
    Working Altitude < 1500 meters.
    Dimensions/weight (App) CU-60 (43 x 40 x 40 cm. Net 27 kg). Other models : 43 x 40 x 40 cm. Net 36 kg.
    Optional Accessories Test cells: ‘TC-1’ or ‘TC-3’. Gap gauge: 2 mm.
  • Standard Accessories

    1. Oil test vessel with electrodes TC-2 type -1 number.
    2. Magnetic magnum for stirrer.
    3. Mains connecting cable.
    4. Gap gauge.
    5. Paper roll for printer, 1 no.
    6. Spare fuses 1 nos.
    7. Operating manual 1 no.