VD Series
VD Series

VD Series


UDEY series ‘VD’ consists of two parts: High voltage divider and digital meter. The top terminal of the voltage divider is connected to high voltage output under test / calibration. The voltage divider is connected to digital meter by measuring cable provided.

Both, the voltage divider and digital meter are stored in transportable light weight single aluminum cabinet with handle.

  • Machine Feature

    • Digital display
    • One tester for AC and DC
    • Saves set up time
  • Machine Technical Specification

    Measuring range AC [50HZ]  DC 50 kv  50 kv 100 kv 100kv 200 kV 200 kV
    Accuracy AC [50HZ] DC 1.50% 1.00% 1.5% 1.0% 1.5% 1.0%
    Resistance R [ M    ] C [pF] 640 300 1280 150 2560 75
    Divide ratio K 1000 1000 1000
    Disply LCD LCD LCD
    Maximum error AC      DC                  750V  500V 1500V 1000V 3000V 2000V
    Meter input resistance 10 MΩ 10 MMΩ 10 MΩ
    Dimensions [mm] 200x200x520 200x200x850 200x200x1160
    Weight [kg] 9.5 13.5 18.5
    Ambient Temperature   Relative humidity         20 ± 15º C
    To 80 % non condensing
  • Standard Accessories

High Voltage Divider

The AC/DC High Voltage Dividers, VD series consists of two main parts which are the digital display meter and the High voltage divider. A high voltage output under calibration or test is connected from the top terminal of the voltage divider. The High Voltage Divider is connected to a digital meter by a provided measuring cable. The setup time is saved in the high voltage divider for accurate measurement and it has an LCD digital display to show the results. Both, the digital meter and the high voltage divider are stored in a transportable single lightweight cabinet made of aluminum with handle. The high voltage divider device has one tester for the alternating type current and another tester for the direct type current.

The measuring range of the device starts from a 50 kilo voltage and up to 100 kilo voltage for the alternating current measurement and the same range is there for the direct current measurement. The weight of this tester ranges from 9.5 Kilograms up to 18.5 Kilograms. The great advantage of this device is the high level of accuracy, so the results shown by this device are reliable for decision making because the inaccuracy error is as low as 1% up to 1.5%.