5 kV AC Hipot
5 kV AC Hipot
5 kV AC Hipot
5 kV AC Hipot

5 kV AC Hipot



UDEY AC HIPOT TESTERS-US SERIES are AC High voltage break down / withstand voltage testers with digital displays, count-down timer and set trip current facility. These are accurate, durable instruments designed to perform high voltage withstand / breakdown tests on various types of electrical / electronic products, systems and components.

  • Machine Feature

    • Digital readouts of test voltage, leakage current and time
    • Multi-range mA meter
    • Timer count-down digital display
    • Digital display to set trip current
    •‘HV ON’ and “FAIL’ indicators
    • Panel with legend for controls
    • Remote control tests via HV probe with switch
    • Rugged table top cabinet
    All metal cabinet
    High quality double wound HV transformer
    Good quality components and hardware
    Extra EARTH Post Provided
  • Machine Technical Specification

    Supply Voltage

    230 Volts ± 10%AC, 50 Hz single Phase.
    Output Voltage 0-5kV AC, 50Hz.
    Output control One knob manual control, continuously variable through
    torodial auto transformer.
    Output Current 2-20-100 mA.
    Trip Current: Settable 3 ranges: 0.1-2mA; 0.1-20mA; 0.1-100mA
    Indicators Lamps to indicate 'HV ON', 'FAIL'.
    Alarms Range: 0.1-5.00 kV
    Display: LED digital 3 digits
    Resolution: 0.01 kV
    Accuracy: ± 3% + 4 digits
    kV Meter Range: 0-2mA; 2-20mA and 20-100 mA
    Display: LED digital 3.5 digits
    Resolution: 2mA range: 1uA
    : 20mA range: 10uA
    : 100mA range: 100uA
    Accuracy: ± 3% + 4 digits
    Timer Settable : Thumbwheel switch:1-99 seconds
    Display: LED Digital 2 digits, countdown.
    Resolution: 1 second
    Accuracy: ± 5%
    Remote Control HV switched ON by remote switch.
    Timer does not funciton in this mode.
    Duty Cycle 15 minutes ON / 15 minutes OFF.
    Dimensions 38 x 28 x 19 cm;
    Weight 15 kg
    Shipping Dimensions 43 x 33 x 24 cm;
    Shipping Weight 18 kg
  • Standard Accessories

    a) Mains cord 2 meter long: 1 Number.
    b) HV test leads 1 meter long: 1 Set.
    c) Remote HV test lead with switch: 1 Number.
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