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For high voltage testing, using hi-pot testers is quite a common practice. Working with high voltage is not an easy thing. First important thing is maintaining safety and a second important thing is analyzing data carefully. For this reason, you need a safe to be used and accurate testing equipment. So, if you are seeking high quality Hipot tester, try products from the trusted as well as reliable manufacturers. Udeyraj Electricals is one of the leading manufacturers of high voltage testers in India. Over 50 years of commanding experience in developing various industrial electrical equipment and products, Udeyraj Electricals guarantee top notch quality as well as accuracy with the products.

High-Pot Testers at Udeyraj

High pot testers are typically used for measuring the effectiveness of insulators. It can read current leakage through insulators. Alternatively, it can check the competence of insulators at various high voltage situations as well as conditions. Insulation is an important part for all electrical devices or gadgets. If there is current leakage through insulators, then expensive electrical equipment can face severe damages. It can also possibly cause various kinds of electrical hazards. Thus, for the safety of using various electrical equipment, checking the insulators periodically is a common practice. For that reason, high voltage testers are also known as Hipot tester are used.

We develop the distinguished range of products when it comes to manufacturing Hipot tester. Find some of our products below:

5 kV AC Hipot: UdeyRaj’s 5 kV AC Hipot comes with cutting-edge digital display in order to show accurate as well as fractional results. It can effectively read current leakage, time, test voltage, etc. Additionally “HV ON” and “FAIL” indicators have been integrated with the system. Rugged and metallic table, cabinet gives its amazing support and safety.

5 kV AC, 6 kV DC Hipot + IR Tester: This Hi-pot tester from UdeyRaj is equipped with IR Tester in addition. This makes the device be used for extended purposes. It can be applied for AC/DC to withstand the tests and insulation resistance tests. With a digital display, it further features advanced A/D conversion. It has three indicators, and they are FAIL, HV ON, and PASS. With FAIL indication, an advanced alarm has been provided.

DC Hipot Testers DPC Series: These are specially manufactured, sturdy, accurate and long lasting DC Hipot testers. These kinds of testers are extensively used for high voltage testing for industrial electrical equipment. For general laboratory use, cable testing and various other purposes, it can also be used.

DC Hipot testers DPW series: This is a portable Hipot tester that can be used in power engineering. For routine testing of insulation and understanding current leakage is the main purpose for usage of the product.

Why Choosing Products from Udeyraj

Udeyraj is a noted and distinguished manufacturer of Hipot testing equipment. It produces portable, durable and simple to use products. Furthermore, we provide customized products for specific needs of the buyers. Choose Udeyraj’s high voltage testers for accurate results, durability, and effectual functionality.

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