Why Different Kinds of Industries Deserves Different Kinds of Transformers?

A transformer is a remote electrical device that helps in operating the electrical vitality between different circuits. A fluctuating current in the transformer curve provides several different attractive transitions and it also activates a changing electromotive power twisted back to look around the center that is connected. There are different needs and over the transformer...
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Can Using A Megger Meter Be Destructive?

A megger meter is an electrical measuring instrument designed to measure large resistance values. When measuring resistance, a relatively high voltage is applied to the measured circuit (in most models – 100, 500, 1000 or 2500 volts ). Its value may be unacceptably enormous. Gradually, however, rather quickly, the properties of the insulation coating can deteriorate significantly....
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Advantages Of Variac Transformer

Auto-transformer is a unique kind of a single winding transformer. The winding process is used on both main and secondary ends (high-voltage and low-voltage). It is used extensively for its variable voltage, reduced price and tiny size function.There are two distinct high voltage side winding’s in a standard two winding variac transformer manufacturer. The link...
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