Important Electrical Measuring Instruments

Our life is incomplete without electricity. We need electricity for every purpose, be it an entertainment (listening to music or watching television), working on a computer, using washing machines or escaping the summer heat with the aid of air conditioners. Everything needs electricity to operate. However, we need to ensure whether everything is working appropriately and accurately. This necessitates the importance of electrical measuring instruments.

Electrical measuring instruments play a huge role in a variety of things such as agriculture, weather, automobile industry, health care centers and many more, in the modern society. Since they have good potential to provide accurate results, we can perform our role with great reliance. Similarly, when we want to verify the readings, we may require to calibrate electrical measuring instrument to match the readings of a particular standard.

Broad classification of Electrical measuring instruments

Electrical measuring instruments as the name suggests are equipment used for gauging various electrical aspects. These instruments measure the resistance or current, voltage, power, voltage frequency, flux and so on. They can be classified into different types

  • Ammeter
  • Voltmeter
  • Wattmeter

This article will deal with the electrical measurements and measuring instruments. Read on to get a better visibility about all these functionalities and usage.

Ammeter– Ammeter is a measuring instrument used to measure direct or alternating electric current in an electric circuit. They vary in operating principles and accuracies. Basically, in a meter mechanism current is directed only on high values, however ammeter can measure a broad range of current values and the current measurements are measured in amperes. When the units of currents are very minimal namely milliamperes and microamperes, they are measure in milliammeter and microammeter.

Uses of Ammeter

  • We can measure the readings of the current flowing through the circuit.
  • One of the best advantages of using ammeter is that, they can provide accurate reading which can be easily noted.

Voltmeter-Also known as voltage meter is an instrument used to measure the hypothetical disparity between electrical and electronic circuit. Some types of the voltmeter are designed to measure direct current whereas many types are engineered for alternate currents. The commercial voltmeter employs an electromechanical mechanism in which current is translated into a voltage when running through the wire. However, in the case of other voltmeters such as electrostatic voltmeter, the voltage is measured directly

Wattmeter– A wonderful tool for the electrician typically used for measuring the watts in the circuit. It plays a huge role in electrical business to measure the amount of current. They are generally used for checking the power supply in the house and estimating the current costs. They are further classified into

  • Ammeters
  • Digital Wattmeters
  • Professional wattmeters

To Sum it up

In any electrical facility, be it commercial or residential, electrical measuring instruments plays a potential role in measuring the electrical current.

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