Make Your Electronic Work Easy With Innovative Electronic Equipment

These days, different kinds of electrical measurements and measuring instruments are being created to make your work easier. The first name on this list would be that of the transformer turns ratio meter. These are fully automatic systems that we are talking about over here. These new generation devices have been designed in such a way that they can measure different kinds of transformers. These are the ratio three phase, and ratio error of single transformers. With these devices, you can do the whole test in an automatic manner and within a short span of time as well. The device is so good that once the operators feed it the test parameters it takes complete control of the process.

As a top class electrical measuring instrument, it can perform a wide range of functions in this regard.

Insulation resistance testers

The next name on this list would be that of insulation resistance testers. They are operated by automatic microcontrollers and come in standard test voltages such as 0.5 kV or kilovolt, 1 kV, 2.5 kV, and 5 kV. They have a decent resistance range as well. They also have LCM or liquid crystal monitor screens where they provide digital displays on a continuous basis. They come in four major test modes.

The test modes in case of these electrical measurements and measuring instruments are insulation resistance, PI or polarization index, AR or dielectric absorption ratio, and AR and PI automatically calculated. They have a high circuit of 3 mA or ampere as well.

Contact resistance testers

These devices are also referred to as contact resistance meters. Once again, these are completely automatic and new generation devices that we are talking about over here. These are contact resistance testers with four terminal line loop facilities. These devices also make it possible for you to do the test in an automatic manner as well as in a short span of time.

This is why they are held in such high regard as an electrical measuring instrument. These devices have been built in such a way that they are capable of assuming control pretty easily. Once they start working they can power up the test current, take the readings, and then show the results on the LCD screen in a seamless manner.

Current injection testers

The current injection testers come in two main forms – relay testing kits and primary current injection test sets. In case of the relay testing kits, they can work with an input of around 240 V or 50 or 60 Hz or Hertz.

These electrical measurements and measuring instruments have digital timers as well and are extremely accurate too. They have 4 digit solid state time interval measuring systems that come in 5 ranges starting from .0001 to 9999 seconds. The primary current injection test sets are made up of two units – the control unit and the loading unit. This is what makes these testers so portable and compact in the first place. They are available in various models with outputs ranging from 250 A to 3000 A.

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