Oil Testing of Transformer- Some Best Practices with Udeyraj

Udeyraj’s testing of transformer oil program offers insulating oil and transformer oil testing and analysis on a universal front. The laboratories generally carry out tests for transformer oil quality, chemical composition and purity. The testing methods for transformer oil include BS, ASTM and various other recognized testing procedures. Routine testing of insulating oils and transformer oils on a regular basis is accepted industry practice. Physical and general tests are recommended twice during the year, Furan testing every two years and dissolved gas examination once during a year.

Dissolved Gas Examination

The dissolved gas examination is one of the most important tests performed in transformer oils. With the breakdown of the insulating materials of a transformer because of electrical and thermal stresses, gaseous byproducts are produced. These byproducts result in incipient-fault situations.

Water in Oil Testing

The dialectic breakdown voltage of the insulating material is one function of water content. Water migrates between liquid and solid insulation in transformers with temperature changes. The Water content in transformer oil is generally reported in different parts per percent and millions of relative saturation.

Udeyraj offers transformer oil testing to various power generating firms in order to enable them towards monitoring the proper health of the transformers being used by these companies. The laboratories at Udeyraj have the ability to offer different types of oil testing of transformer for determining:

  • Stability characteristics

  • Functional parameters

  • Safety, environmental and health concerns and

  • Insulation performance

The company does this for assisting its clients in taking early remedial action prior to undergoing costly and dangerous unit failures. The quality of the test is perfect. We provide a complete portfolio of our services in terms of, used transformer oil consumers, including on-site services and sampling kits, data analysis, analytical testing and reporting, consulting and advisory services.

Why Choose Oil Testing of Transformer from Udeyraj?

Transformer oil is important in the cooling procedure of a transformer. Thermal and electrical stress along with chemical contamination can result in reduced component life and failures of different sorts. Udeyraj offers the best transformer oil testing services completely bent towards providing a complete solution for the transformer testing requirements of the consumers. We offer our clients with complete and fast testing of ASTM, IEC and the ISO standards, assisting you in identifying different problems very quickly. We can be of good help when it comes to:

  • Determining the principle electrical properties of oil used in transformers.

  • Identifying whether a particular type of oil is perfect to be used in the future.

  • Enhancing the component life and reducing oil costs.

  • Detecting whether regeneration or filtration is required.

  • Preventing untimely failures and maximizing safety.

  • Accessing the client’s result quickly. Clients can get their analysis and data reports through our web interface. This enables our clients to access data at almost any time.

  • Gaining important historical data for understanding changes and for increasing key gasses along with the rate of gas manufacture.

These are some of the most valid reasons that can be cited in support of taking the transformer oil testing services of Udeyraj.

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