Testing Of Transformer Oil – 100% Test Result Storage Capacity

Transformer oil is a type of cooling and insulating oil, which is used in transformers and other kinds of electrical equipment. It is imperative to test the oil periodically so that you can be sure that it is playing its purpose. This oil deteriorates as the days go by because of moisture ingress and aging. A number of international standards define testing procedures and sequences. Testing involves measuring the breakdown voltage and other chemical as well as physical properties of the sample of the oil. The tests can be carried out in a lab or on site using portable test equipment.

Testing the transformer oil in a laboratory is time-consuming. The ideal method is testing the oil on site. There are many companies that manufacture portable oil testers. One such company is Udeyraj Electricals Private Limited (UDEYRAJ). Low weight devices in the range of twenty to forty kilograms are available. With these devices, it is possible to perform tests of up to 100 kV rms on site.

UDEYRAJ is a leading company when it comes to the research, design, and manufacturing of utility power testing and measuring equipment. We manufacture reliable high voltage testing equipment. We have been in business for more than fifty years, meaning that our industrial experience is extensive.

We produce high voltage testers of the best quality. They are mainly used by electric power utility firms. They are safe, accurate and reliable. Our products are used in India and other countries. Besides manufacturing high voltage tester, we also develop electrical measuring equipment. We produce the equipment when keeping global standards in mind. They are therefore demanded by leading industrial plants. The test kits we develop are tailored to meet the current industrial demands all over the world.

One of the units we produce is the Model AT-100. It is a compact and portable tester that offers smooth variable outputs of 0 to 100 kV for testing the dielectric oil utilized in electric equipment. A stirrer is offered to stir oil for sixty seconds. A timer of sixty seconds is also provided for carrying out withstand tests.

The oil tester AT-100 is used is automatic making testing simple and error free. This device is advantageous to use because it is lightweight and portable. This test kitalso has a built-in printer and indicates the date, day and time a test was carried out. The insulating oil tester AT-100 can measure a wide range of outputs.

Our transformer oil test kit is accurate. The voltage testing process can be broken down into several steps. The breakdown voltage is acquired and then the RMS value of the breakdown voltage is reported. This process is safe since a transparent hood meant to ensure additional safety for the operator covers the test cell.

You can test the testing voltage to anywhere up to 100 kV. Our transformer oil test kit also comes with an operating manual to guide users. It also comes with the main cord, which is 2 meters long, NO GO and GO gauges and a test cell. Several oils can be tested with this testing kit including IEC and IS coils. All the features of the machine and transformer oil test kit, make it practical to test transformer oil.

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