UDEY TRM-11 – Fully Automatic Transformer Turns Ratio Tester For Quick Test

A transformer turns ratio tester is a machine designed for conducting the transformer ratio test, in which measurement of ratio and ratio error of transformers is done. It is used to measure the turns ratio between the windings of a transformer. Turns ratio in transformers basically gives us a measure of the output in the secondary voltage if the voltage of the primary is known based on the number of turns in both the coils. Thus, the transformer turns-ratio is determined by precisely measuring the voltages across the transformer windings. This is necessary to maintain the required output for optimum usage of the devices being used in connection with the secondary.

The UDEY TRM-11 is a new generation, fully automatic transformer turns ratio tester, brought to you by Udeyraj Electricals. Since the machine is fully automatic, it does not require constant supervision and does the test quickly and efficiently. Operator enters the test parameters and TRM-11 takes over; powers up the voltage, balances the bridge, takes the readings, and displays the results on the LCD screen. Prints test results through its built-in printer. An important aspect of the TRM-11 is the automatic measure transformer connection group, a design in which the LV and HV windings are automatically isolated once the measurement is over. It is available for use encased in an aluminium alloy cabinet which increases its durability and gives protection to the device against heat.

Even is the casing is made of a sturdy material, it is a light-weight machine- a factor that is very important for easy portability. There are numerous advantages of using the TRM-11, like its automaticity, which ensures that manual balancing is not required. This feature does not require a technician for its application for routine use. It also calculates the ratio error automatically, along with automatic process transformation of group. It has the ability to store information about the tests done in the pasts up till 30 readings, which can be useful to keep a record of the smooth functioning of the transformer. It also has a built-in printer which prints the results of the test instantly, which is important for documentation purposes.

The most important feature that comes with the UDEY TRM-11 is the guarantee of high quality products and maintenance services from Udeyraj Electricals. We are a team of efficient engineering technicians, experienced workers and top-quality servicemen. UDEY testers are the first choice for many electrical power utility companies in not just India, but also are exported to almost every continent of the earth. Our clients from India and worldwide are a testimony to the top quality of services provided by us.

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