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High voltage testing is a common industrial process, which is performed to check the performance of the insulators. To ensure optimal insulation and to identify the leakage current potential through the insulator, the process of high voltage testing is carried out. Now, high voltage testing process has to be done with precision, with the help of the high voltage tester. Often referred as Hipot tester, high voltage tester has been difficult to find. To make the process of high voltage testing accurate, you need to carry out the process with high quality testers. For that, you need to find a good manufacturer of high voltage testing equipment.

High Voltage Tester from Udeyraj

Udeyraj is one of the best manufacturers from India for high voltage testing equipment. The Hipot testing process is a critical thing, as in this case high voltage is used. This is why the risk of disaster is always there is safety standard has not been mentioned. The high voltage divider as well as tester has to be accurate. Udeyraj ensures producing and selling high end products to the buyers. The product is manufactured maintaining global security standard. They are efficient and at the same time safest to be handled. Nevertheless, the products are easy to use.

Applications of Udeyraj’s Hipot Tester

Hipot testers, produced by Udeyraj, are used for distinctive purposes. These testers are produced to serve industrial purposes with neat precision. Hipot tester can be used for different application purposes. Here is a guide for you:

  • Checking Insulation Quality: To check insulation quality, Hipot testers of Udeyraj are used extensively. High voltage is set around the insulator. The current is allowed to pass. Good insulator would not allow current flow even at high voltage. While poor insulator would allow that. This is how insulation quality has been checked.
  • Identifying Current Leakage: Minimal current leakage cannot be identified so easily, unless the circuit has been put into high voltage condition. With high voltage testing, the location of slim current leakage can be found meticulously. Use high voltage testing equipment from Udeyraj to identify current leakage.

Hipot testing has been applied for various industrial purposes and the prime purposes have been mentioned above. Now, high voltage divider and tester has been used for producing high end or cutting edge electronic devices. To ensure high end insulation and zero current leakage for electronics or electrical devices you need to find excellent quality testers.

Why Trusting Udeyraj?

Udeyraj is a veteran manufacturer of high quality and trusted high voltage divider. The company is known for its excellence in producing high quality products with high end precision. Being a supplier of high voltage equipments to various industrial domains, the company is trusted for its quality, professionalism and value for money products. Underage features arrays of Hipot testers, which are used for different purposes in different industrial domains. From AC Hipot testers to DC testers – you can even get customized Hipot testers from the company. Hence, you should choose Udeyraj for quality standard, cost-effectiveness and reliability. The company renders after sales services too, whenever required.

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