Udeyraj - Leading Distributor of Electrical Measurements and Measuring Instruments

Udeyraj – Leading Distributor of Electrical Measurements and Measuring Instruments

There are various manufacturers who are in the business of producing equipment that are used for measuring certain electrical quantities like voltage. While some of these manufacturers have lived up to expectation, others have failed to deliver on their designs.

This is just one of the challenges you are bound to face when you are confronted with the choice of getting yourself a measurement device in the power industry.

If this is you, then you have come to the right place, as this post will be exposing you to why we are the most reliable and trusted name in the field of power. Just read carefully from start to finish, and you will be able to find out for yourself why we are the leading distributor of the aforementioned instruments

Transformer Testing

The oil in a transformer has been installed for insulation purposes, and this is the main reason why it is appropriate to carry out a test on it from time to time. This process can only be made possible by ensuring you have the breakdown voltage. The root means the square (RMS) value of the voltage is what is now regarded as the result of the entire process.

It is also good to add that the safety level of such process is at its highest as certain measures have been well taken to ensure the safety of operators.

We are certainly a distinguished name in the way we carry out testing of transformersOur kit that is used to carry out this process is sure of providing you with a reading of a very high level of accuracy.


You might be thinking that the size of transformers could present a problem when trying to ascertain its functional status. However, this is not the case as our containers used in this regards are very light in weight and can be moved from one place to another without experiencing any problems. As far as we are concerned, the size of transformers has never been an issue when trying to find out its operational status.


We are your best choice when it comes to dealing with the measurements of extreme voltages. Not only are we specialized in handling extreme voltages, but we are also into providing you with the very best when it comes to acquiring the most accurate electrical measurements and measuring instruments.

We have made a name for ourselves in the field of power as our products have been designed with the industry standards in mind. In other words, we have ensured that international standards have not been compromised in any way. We are sure of meeting your needs due to our wide range of products.

With our high voltage testing equipment, your success in this field of power is always guaranteed. This is because our products have been produced with the purpose of ensuring the overall success of power engineering teams. This is another way of saying that with our product and services, you can only be sure of the best.

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