Udeyraj - Leading manufacturer of Primary Injection Test Kit

Udeyraj – Leading manufacturer of Primary Injection Test Kit

Udeyraj Electrical Private limited is one of the most prominent and trustworthy manufacturers of Primary Injection Kit . The company was founded in the year 1958 and has been in the research, design and development since then. It is into the manufacture of Power Utility Test and different types of Measuring equipments. The main aim for the company is to give customer satisfaction with regards to its customized orders. They have always dealt with innovative and latest technologies when it came to creating new products. Their technical excellence is unmatchable and on par with International standards. The company supplies its product nationally as well as in many International markets. Their compliance and ready to make anything and everything gives them the edge over the competitors technologies.

Udeyraj is a reputable company and is the very first choices of many companies to buy testers or any type of electrical power equipments. They have been rigorously exporting products to different continents of the world. They have always performed beyond expectations making them profound choices for their customers without a doubt. They have outperformed each year by giving great products and their flexibility to provide customized testers for the customers.

Primary Injection Test is done for high current conditions that are found in larger electrical installations especially with substations. Depending on the system specifications and test requirements, the large current is injected directly in the circuit breaker on the primary side of electrical system. The main objective here is to Test how system operates under current load. Primary Injection Kit is used for testing over-current trip relays that are attached to circuit breakers. The injection process helps us to find whether the system is trip or fail and also to find if the circuit is broken. Circuit breakers can work for longer periods without activation; the failure to startup could cause much damage to the electrical systems.

Udeyraj PCT Model series comprises of two units: a control unit and a loading unit. The tester is compact and portable. A total of four models are available giving an output from 250 A to 3000 A. The control unit gives an output of 0-10 volt at 50 Amp. In addition to this, separate voltage output from 0-250 V AC is available for testing voltage operated relays coils. This helps in the magnetization of current transformers.

The Kit comes with a built-in crystal time base multi range digital timer. It has a compact rugged design that is fully tropicalized. It gives a true RMS digital metering of outputs. It features auto-switch off in different modes of operation. The injection test is essential to commission and verify protection scheme since the secondary injection test does not check all the components in the system and does not check the condition of overall protection installation. Udeyraj offers many types of electrical measuring instruments that are used in industries, the company exports to different parts of the world and is the most reliable when it comes to quality and timely delivery.

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