Udeyraj's Transformer Oil Test kit - Testing transformer oil practically and ideally

Udeyraj’s Transformer Oil Test kit – Testing transformer oil practically and ideally

Transformer Oil Test Kits are used in number of industries today to check the working of the machines, engines and turbines. The regular Oil Testing helps to monitor the condition of overall machines and Oil lubricating parts. The Transformer Oil is used to insulate the transformers and other electrical distribution equipments. The deeper Testing of the Equipment gives information on the Oil; it also helps in enabling the detection of other problems in the Oil Test. The other problems that could be recognized by the use of Transformer Oil Testing Kit are aging insulating paper, contact arcing, other latent faults. The Testing Of Transformer Oil with the help of the kit is one of the most cost-effective methods for any of the electrical maintenance course.

Udeyraj’s Transformer Oil Test Kit is widely used in industries across to check the engines of the machines. The electrical power utility companies and industries use the Udeyraj testers across different continents of the world. They are high in performance and provide an excellent quality for easy to use and maintain the electrical testers. The testers provide high degree of flexibility and provide the ability to customize the testers. The transformer uses have expanded in the last 2 decades; it’s a necessary item and one of the strategic tools in the management of electrical transmission and other distribution networks. The transformers are High Voltage machines giving extreme reliability for electric power distribution. Transformers need to maintain on a regular basis because they are expensive and cannot be replaced frequently.

The High Voltage Testing Equipmenthelps to regularly monitor the condition of the oil. The recurring faults that are sudden can be examined and outages can be avoided. The testing equipments has pretty simple steps like operation of the gas relays, on-load tap-changer, oil leaks checks, etc. The testing equipments help to measure the physical and chemical properties of oils. It also shows the concentration of dissolved gases. There are number of problems that can be determined with the oil or the transformer by the use of Udeyraj’s Testing Of Transformer Oil kits.

The most important function of Transformer Oil Testing Kit is that it provides electrical insulation. The increase in the level of moisture can reduce the insulating properties and it may result in breakdown. It is important to rectify this especially with the importance of fluctuating temperatures. As the transformer cools, the dissolved water becomes free, this results in poor insulation power and leads to fluid degradation. The electrical insulation from transformer oil helps to perform better.

Transformers are the most important devices where electrical power is generated. The sudden breakdown may lead to partial or total shutdown. Udeyraj’s testers help prevent costly transformer breakdowns and failures. The technical staff is highly skilled to check on the equipment before and after the installations. There are some of the most advanced designs for production processes. They are completely checked for quality control and are efficient machines.

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