Megger Insulation Tester – Offering Numerous Benefits

What is insulation resistance testing and why is it important?
Every unprotected wire carrying live electricity is a threat and needs to be carefully wrapped with some type of electrical insulation. Electrical insulation is a crucial part of any electrical maintenance. When it comes to the lives of the people you love, nothing but their safety matters. But no matter how safely you have wired your house, the insulation wears off after some time and its performance deteriorates. At this point, it becomes essential that the safety of the house is tested. Insulation deterioration can result in dangerous conditions for power reliability and personal safety.

So, before it is too late, and unexpected things happens, it is important to identify the deterioration and take corrective measures towards it.

That is when we come in!

We, at UdeyRaj, have developed a megger insulation tester that will do the work for you.

Insulation resistance tester, also known as megger, comes with numerous features developed to provide your house with utmost safety and is easy to use.

Insulation resistance megger is built with accuracy and to withstand high voltages. And it will not disappoint you when tested on the various electrical machinery, frames and equipment. The resistance of the megger ranges up to 1Tera Ohm, even though the standard test voltages are way lower. They range from 0.5kV to 5kV. It comes with an automatic microcontroller and a continuous digital display of LCM.

The megger provides four test modes to pick from, namely-

  1. Insulation Resistance
  2. Polarized index
  3. Dielectric absorption ratio
  4. PI and AR calculated automatically

The megger insulation tester operates with an internal rechargeable battery and keeps the records of all your last tests with their dates and time. A backlit LCM that displays the status of the battery along with the data.

There are so many other features that come with the UdeyRaj insulation tester megger which makes it perfect for your house.

So, now we ask you if the lives of your loved ones are at stake, would you settle for anything less than perfection?

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