The Need for Oil Testing for Transformers

Transformers are devices that are used for reducing or increasing voltage of alternating currents. It works on the principle of electromagnetic induction and helps maintain connectivity between different circuits. For a smooth functioning this apparatus requires transformer oil, which is used to provide insulation and cooling in the transformer. Transformer oil is also used in a variety of other electrical equipments as well.

The role of the transformer oil is that it is used as an insulation media and a cooling media as it transfers heat from wall of the tank or conservator. It is also used for suppression of arcing and corona.
Since the transformer oil is one of the most important requirements of the transformer, it is necessary to ensure its quality periodically because it is likely to undergo deterioration with the passage of time. The quality of the oil determines the overall condition of the transformer. The transformer oil has to be checked for the following qualities regularly. These include low viscosity resistance to a gradual deformation by tensile stress or shear stress, high dielectric breakdown, well-refined and free from materials that might corrode the metallic elements, have a low pour-point i.e. the temperature at which the liquid losses it flow characteristics and becomes a semi-solid element, be free of moisture and polar ionic and colloidal contaminants, etc.

The deterioration is a curated process that occurs over time. The course goes on like this, the oil is exposed to moisture which causes oxidation of the oil, because of the oxidation, the reactions such as polymerization and decomposition occur, which causes the particles or sediments to settle over the windings. This rapidly decreases the quality of the transformer thus, hindering its normal functions.

The transformer oil testing procedures and sequences are internationally defined and it includes testing the breakdown voltage and various physical and chemical properties of the transformer oil. Testing of transformer oil is important because if the deteriorating oil is caught, we can easily change it to a better quality thus, substantially increasing the life of the transformers. But if there is failure of this step, i.e. if the deteriorating oil is not caught the whole device is debilitated, thus, requiring a new investment in the purchase of a whole new transformer.

Thus, testing the transformer oil is a very important step in order to ensure longer working of the device without any glitches. To know more about the procedures involved in testing get in touch with the experts at UdeyRaj today.

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