Primary Injection Kit by Udeyraj – Developed Specifically For The Commissioning And Testing Of Systems In Electrical Networks

Primary injection kit, heard of them?! Don’t take this to be the regular injection that the doctor pins into your skins.

The primary injection kit is used for testing the high current or high voltage that is generally seen at electricity substations. The very effective of testing the current with the primary injection kit enables to know the working of the system with various loads of current. Enables us or helps us in measuring the trips of over-current.

And for the best primary injection testing kit – we got Udeyraj Primary Injection Kit.

Model: PCT Series
The company offers you the best primary injection kit that has two parts – one being the control unit and the other being the loading unit. The control unit gives current output of 0 – 10 volts and an additional voltage of 0 – 250 V AC that checks the effects of magnetization.

Key features:

  • Best for thermal devices testing
  • Centralised control
  • Continuous variable outputs
  • Digital RMS metering of the outputs
  • Digital time in crystal time base
  • Auto-switch in its various modes of working
  • Distorted and fully isolated current outputs
  • Tropicalised


  • A connecting cable that is to be at least 2 meters long.
  • Manual for efficient management.
  • Three core cables of 2 meters each.

Primary injection kit consisting of two units made with handles that can be folded and with cabinet sheet powder. It also has protection unit installed.

The ‘Test button’ helps to test the current levels and acts as a circuit breaker in mains!

Digital Timer:
The crystal based timer that has 4 digits that are ranging from .0001 seconds.

Has installed LED digital ammeter and voltmeter for current and voltage outputs respectively.

The primary injection test starts at the commissioning stage itself, which means at the starting point. This testing kit has got high current transformer. And the set has amperes ranging from about 500 to 100,000.

So these primary current injection test kits of Udeyraj are the best for testing who the various systems work in various current loads and drop of voltages.

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