Safety Precautions While Testing High Voltage Cables And Other Equipment

Adhering to safety precautions while testing high voltage cables and other equipment require following a set of established safety guidelines and rules. It is imperative to follow them while handling high voltage equipment to ensure one is safe from all kinds of electrical shock and a safe operating environment is set up.

Let’s have a look at some of the most basic and important safety guidelines that one must follow while dealing with high voltage cables testing equipment.

Before you begin experimenting with high voltage equipment, remember to:

  1. Use good quality HV testers, purchased from the best high voltage tester manufacturers.
  2. Familiarise with the power buttons of the equipment (ON/OFF buttons).
  3. Ensure circuit power is switched off before you begin with the testings.
  4. Remove any kind of metal jewellery like watches, necklaces, from the body before you handle these high voltage cables and other equipment, to avoid any hazardous accidents and mishaps.
  5. Avoid wearing shorts, skirts or loose apparels as they expose your body to high voltage equipment and make them more susceptible to electrical shocks.
  6. Do not leave your hair open, tie it at the back of your head.
  7. Wear protective equipment like safety glasses, high voltage resistant gloves, etc.,

Let’s now take a look  at some of the safety guidelines one must follow while testing high voltage cables and other equipment:

  1. Make sure at least two people are carrying out the experiment
  2. Assume any exposed metal is charged with electricity unless it is counter checked or properly verified

3.Segregate high voltage equipment & HV testers from low power ones so that they do not interfere and interrupt each other’s functions and workings

  1. Ensure AC sources and all other DC power sources begin from zero voltage
  2. it is imperative that all objects are placed away from high voltage cables and other equipment points and at least at a minimum distance of 1 inch.
  3. Make sure the HV testers you are handling has a single power button to switch the high voltage equipment off in case of an emergency.
  4. While choosing the HV testers, keep in mind that the equipment has an indicator which will signal the high voltage output.

To deal with high voltage equipment one must delve deep into the mechanisms of good HV testers. Experiments largely depend on the kind of equipment used and hence it is important to track good high voltage tester manufacturers in the market and then buy from them. Although there might be many high voltage tester manufacturers, choose the best one after researching about the best high voltage manufacturers.

Choose HV testers that are the first choice for most power utility companies, not just in India but all around the globe. Ensure these testers are a mark of quality and class, sold by one of the best high voltage tester manufacturers in the world.

You may want to compare each brand and its offerings and specifications before making a choice.

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