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For power grids to be reliable, they have to make use of transformers. If some transformers burst or develop another kind of damage, the whole grid may fail or become unstable. Hence, transformers must be maintained with the best high voltage testing equipment. Otherwise, the faulty high voltage transformer would have to be replaced, and this requires prior planning. It is easier and cheaper to maintain transformers on a regular basis than waiting to replace them. This is where Udeyraj comes in.

We produce high-quality high voltage transformer testers that you will need during the testing process. As a company that has run since 1958, you can trust our creativity and clarity. We have different testing tools we would love to show you. If you want us to explain anything, just call or write to us. Meanwhile, we will educate you more about transformers and the most appropriate testing equipment.

Transformer Maintenance – Test it often

To increase the lifespan of your high voltage transformer in the easiest way possible, just test it. As this equipment is complex, it has many working parts that should be assessed and tested. To troubleshoot your whole transformer, therefore, there are numerous tests you should run. A few of these include the following: OLTC diagnosis, transformer insulation resistance, winding resistance, and sweep frequency response analysis. As a technical expert, you have the knowledge of doing the assessments well. But if you aren’t a technician, you could just order our testing equipment and seek help. It will be necessary to own the right equipment because you will use it for several years to come. The tests do not have to be run at once unless your HV transformer has failed and needs to be repaired. They should be run at various stages of the transformer’s life. This does not mean that routine screening tests should be ignored. Our testing equipment is all you need to take good care of the transformers.

Awesome transformer testing equipment

A testing device could reduce your challenges, of course. However, you have to get ready to do a very complicated task. Even if you have the extremely accurate testing equipment, the way you utilize it to derive a result matters the most. Make sure that you have the right test environment and the highest knowledge of transformer testing. This is the only way you can be sure of getting an accurate result about the current health of your HV transformers. Note that temperature changes could affect the way a particular transformer acts. These machines are uniquely designed and you need testers that could determine the Individual Temperature Correction (ITC). We have them and they produce true and dependable results.

Why buy our Testing equipment?

One thing that distinguishes us from the competition is our lifespan. We have seen decades of sheer hard work and creativity. Each of our high voltage Test Equipmentproducts was thoroughly researched and designed before production. We strive to innovate and move forward rather than backward. So, you can rest assured that our products are efficient, accurate and usable. Above all, we pay attention to details like safety and ease of use.

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