Udeyraj's Transformer Oil Test Kit - Helps to prevent transformer breakdowns and failure

Udeyraj’s Transformer Oil Test Kit – Helps to prevent transformer breakdowns and failure

Udeyraj Electricals Private Limited is a company dealing in research, design and manufacture of Power Utility Test and other measuring Equipment. Their main aim is to provide customer satisfaction by providing them innovative and latest technological products. The instruments are made with highest precision delivering quality standard and technical excellence. In India, Udeyraj is the name to reckon with when it comes to quality and reliability. They deal in all types of High Voltage Testing equipments, also there are Transformer Oil Testing Kit required in industries. The products are also customized and sold to customers who are looking for customization. Transformer Oil Testing is important for varieties of reasons. Lets take a sneak preview of Transformer Oil Testing and how it is useful.

Udeyraj’s Testing Kit provide high standards of excellence for any measuring Test, the equipments are made under the guidance of experienced and skilled staff. It has over 50 years of experience. Insulating Oil Tester is especially designed for easy and giving accurate determination of the use of transformers. Insulating oils are also used in bushings, switchgears, capacitors and other electrical equipment. Oil testers are ideal for on-site field and laboratory use. They are easy and safe to use and operate.

The Transformer oil test kit is used to measure high level of accuracy. They are basically used to insulate electrically. They are tested periodically to check for its stability using standard testing procedures. The process is safe and secured without any risks; it acquires the breakdown voltage and tests the transformer oil. The Transformer Oil Testing Kit is lightweight and is highly portable so mobility becomes easy. The Kit comes with an operating manual that guides the users. Other several types of oil can be used for testing purposes. Insulating oil fill is the prime tank for transformers. It basically has 2 purposes, to provide insulation between HT and LT winding and ground and windings. The Testing provides cooling to the transformer. After the oil circulates between different parts of transformer, the heat is carried from windings to the transformer radiator. Heat is then removed depending on the type of cooling. If the working condition of the transformer oil is great, then transformer can work more efficiently and accurately.

There are different types of tests that are being conducted. To test the dielectric strength test of transformer oil, it is verified under high voltage. The Dielectric strength of Transformer holds a value. The strength could be reduced due to contaminants of water, sediments and conducting particles. If the dielectric strength weakens, it can lead to current leakage between the HT and LT windings. A very good indicator of the good health of the transformer oil is the cleanliness and dryness but this does not necessarily signify that it is free of contaminants. Udeyraj provides all time-tested electrical measuring devices with highest accuracy and precision. They provide value for money.

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