What Are The Various Precautionary Steps For Variac Transformer Maintenance?

What is a Variac?

A Variac Transformer a transformer that generally has a single winding and a single layer. The top section of the winding is generally flattened and machined. It is done to remove to insulation and provide a smooth surface for the sliding brush that is used to select the required voltage. There is a great demand for the variac transformers and the so the number of the variac transformer exporters are also increasing. 

It is known by different names in other countries like variable voltage auto transformer, variac auto transformer, variable transformer, voltage regulator, voltage dimmer, etc. It is a transformer that has a variac in the alternating current. And this the exact reason for its name as VARIAC. It is a trademarked name, but it is used by the companies as the basic name of the device. 

How does a Variac work?

In simple words, a variac transformer can control the voltage.  Variac voltage does run on wall, line and main voltages. There is a brush inside the variac transformer that can spin over the copper winding when the knob is turned around. The knob- the exterior part and the brush – the interior part is connected. 

Normally, you would find a primary as well as a secondary winding. But as a variac transformer is an autotransformer, in which both the primary winding as well as the secondary winding is the same. You can find a neutral connection on one side of the winding as well as a hot connector on the opposite side. The count of neutral is zero and the count of the hot connection is a hundred.  

So, in a variac transformer India, the primary winding and the secondary winding are set together. For half a distance, it is the primary winding and for another half, it is the secondary winding. You can choose between them with the help of the knob connected to the brush in touch with the comprehensive copper winding.

Common safety tips

  • Inspect the variac transformer thoroughly to prevent the breakdowns. Before the installation, check for any burnt odor, damaged power cords, and connectors. Make sure that all the parts are properly installed. 
  • Always make sure that the power is off when working on the transformer. It is also important to check and control the leakage of electricity between the current source and the system.
  • Use the protective types of equipment and pay close attention to the specific ratings for the transformer’s voltage output. Always have an eye over the current protection of conductors and circuits sets to the manufacturer’s standards.
  • Learn the maximum voltage requirements of your transformer. It is very important to be careful of the system overload from a single transformer. However, multiple transformers can help to balance the impedance of each load.
  • Keep away the spare nuts, bolts and other objects so that it does not fall over the transformer.
  • To prevent the static electricity and protect the coils from contacting the enclosure or core, ground the transformer.
  • Make sure that the transformer and its associated components are dry and free from any kind of moisture or water. It is also important to protect the unskilled onlookers by setting up caution boards to warn them and make them be away from danger.
  • Variac transformer manufacturer remembers you that the variac transformer has the potential to kill a person, so do not touch when it is on or touch the hot side of the transformer.

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