Primary Injection Kit by Udeyraj – Developed Specifically For The Commissioning And Testing Of Systems In Electrical Networks

Primary injection kit, heard of them?! Don’t take this to be the regular injection that the doctor pins into your skins. The primary injection kit is used for testing the high current or high voltage that is generally seen at electricity substations. The very effective of testing the current with the primary injection kit enables...
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How Primary Injection Kit Help To Test The Electrical System

Primary Injection Testing is one of the most important procedures when it comes to testing of electrical systems. The Primary Injection Test Kit highly concerns with high current and voltage power distribution. The process involves injecting predetermined current inside the circuit breaker. Through this procedure, it can be determined whether the flow of the current will trip...
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Udeyraj’s Transformer Oil Test Kit – Helps to prevent transformer breakdowns and failure

Udeyraj Electricals Private Limited is a company dealing in research, design and manufacture of Power Utility Test and other measuring Equipment. Their main aim is to provide customer satisfaction by providing them innovative and latest technological products. The instruments are made with highest precision delivering quality standard and technical excellence. In India, Udeyraj is the...
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