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To ensure that the transformer doesn’t have any proper connections or shorted turns, it is crucial to perform the transformer turns ratio test. This test is designed to ascertain the number of turns present in one winding of the transformer with regards to the number of turns present in a different winding of the transformer.

It is essential to perform the onsite testing of the power and current in the transformers, for which only trusted transformer ratio meter should be used. It is a portable, fully automatic device which doesn’t require mechanical balancing. This transformer turn ratio test helps to understand and acquire accurate measurement for many years.

To confirm the primary aspect that the ratio of primary turns to the secondary turns if the transformer is correct, the transformer turns ratio test is performed. Various faults present inside the transformer can be easily identified using this test, and only trusted transformer ratio testers can be used to withstand the harsh conditions of transformer testing.

UdeyRaj brings to the users UDEY TRM-11, which is transformer ratio tester specifically designed to conduct automatic and quick tests for measuring ratio along with the ratio error of single as well as three phase transformers.

Encased in an aluminium alloy cabinet, it has the facility of a built-in printer, making it easier to print the reports as soon as the tests are performed. It is critical to use only accurate testers, so that you are able to identify the problems in the transformers at early stages, because if the test is not performed properly then it can lead to casualties.

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