Different Tests You could Do with Udeyraj BDV Testing Kit

Do you deal with transformers? How deeply are you involved in repairing and maintaining high voltage transformers? If this is the work you do, we would really love to hear from you. Udeyraj is the most renowned Indian manufacturer of transformer testing equipment. Our operations also entail the production of transformer oil testing tools. So, if testing of transformer oil is a task you plan to do soon, you should get in touch with us.

Our decades of experience and unmatched creativity should give you confidence in us. We have products that you cannot find anywhere in the country. As you might know, transformer oil is the insulating oil used in electrical power transformers. We produce tools that will help you test your transformer oil.Thus, feel free to ask us any question you might have about our products before making a final decision.

Uses of transformer oil

The main purposes of insulating oil are two. First, it plays the role of a liquid insulator. Then, it dispels heat produced by the transformer when running. There are other minor roles too. Transformer oil conserves the core and winding parts that usually dip in the oil. Next, it keeps atmospheric oxygen from mixing with the transformer’s winding insulating paper (made of cellulose), and this prevents oxidation from taking place. Insulating oil is either Naphtha-based or paraffin-based. While the oxidation rate caused by paraffin-based oil is lower than Naphtha-based rate, the paraffin sludge is insoluble. Thus, it precipitates at the bottom of the tank. Then, it blocks the transformer’s cooling system.

BDV of transformer oil

This can easily be described as the breakdown voltage of the transformer oil. In order to measure BDV of the insulating oil, you will require our testing equipment kit. It is affordable and highly accurate; so, you have nothing to worry about. To attain the breakdown voltage result, you must keenly observe to notice the voltage at which sparking between two electrodes dipped in the oil spilled by a given gap. We have the most dependable portable BDV measuring kit. In the kit, there is oil placed in a pot where a pair of electrodes is mounted with a gap between them. The gap can be 2.5 or 4mm. It depends on the kit you get. Equipped with this kit, you can start the process by applying a gradual voltage between the pair of electrodes. Then observe to notice when the sparking starts. If the oil has a moisture content, the BDV result will be poor than if oil was clean and dry.

Testing the resistance of transformer oil and a lot more

When the temperature rises, the insulation oil resistivity goes down very fast. This is what would happen if you were to charge your transformer after a long period of being dormant. The oil temperature will be cool when you begin to charge. Then it will start to rise and might even go up to 90 degrees Celsius. At room temperature, the resistivity of transformer oil should be high. Also, the oil should retain its health after the temperature rise.

The Tan Delta of transformer oil also called Dielectric dissipation factor, is something you can determine during oil testing of transformer exercise. It tests the leakage of current between a live part and a grounded part that are separated by an insulating material. If the test result indicates a high tan delta or the loss factor value, it is a sign that the transformer oil could be contaminated. Through our tools, you could also test the acidity of the insulating oil. When acidity level is higher, it damages the insulation potency of the paper winding of the transformer.

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