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Most of the leading companies rely highly on their manufacturing parts that are manufactured somewhere else. It has become more important for industries to have custom made products for their units so that they get exactly the output they may be looking for. We at, www.udeyraj.com offer the best production processes and custom made products to suffice the requirements of our valued clients. We produce advanced designs making the processes easy with greater quality control system. Our teams are highly skilled and help you out in professional marketing too. Our engineered technicians provide you with different options that help you to select from the best that you may be looking for. We have always guaranteed on time delivery and services like maintenance and testing the equipments.

Lets learn something about High Pot Tester , the hipot tester is the short name given for high potential test. The hipot testing is usually done to check for the isolation levels. The Hipot tests are very unique in nature and the machines make sure that there are no currents passed. We are a valued resource to get all kinds of testing done at very economical rates. We manufacture high quality Hi Pot Testing Equipment that helps in continued test checks. Because of these machines the current flows from one point to the other very easily.

The High Pot Tester is a non-destructive machine; the Hipot Tester helps to determine the adequacy of electrical insulation for the normal occurrence of over voltage transient. The high voltage test is applied to different devices for specific times; it also ensures that insulation is not marginal. The Hipot Tester are used for different kids of Hipot tests that are helpful to know the crushed insulation, the stray wire strands, corrosive contamination, terminal spacing problems, the tolerance errors and much more.

The production line hipot test is the test used for manufacturing processes that determine the construction of a production unit. Sometimes, there may be some product failures in such cases the production line hipot test helps determine and detect the default. The Hipot tests are particularly applied after tests of faulty condition of the machines, the humidity tests, the vibrational tests or any such degradation in the machine or manufacturing parts.

The Hi Pot Testing Equipment usually connects from one side of the supply to the safety ground. The other side is connecting to the conductor that is being tested. The time duration of the Hipot Test is in accordance with safety standards. The testing standards usually are of one minute. The modern testers allow the users to set the current limits. The best method in which it helps to identify the trip level is to test some samples and establish an average hipot current. Once that is achieved, the leakage can trip the level and can be set at a slightly higher value as compared to the average figure. All the safety standard procedures are used for ac voltage for a hipot tests.

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