Udeyraj Provides Megger Insulation Tester – Best Device to Detect Electrical Wires Insulations

Insulation resistance testing is imperative because electrical insulation begins aging as soon as it is manufactured. Aging causes its performance to deteriorate. Furthermore, harsh installation environments, particularly those with chemical contamination or temperature extremes cause the insulation to deteriorate further. For this reason, power reliability, and personal safety can be affected. Identifying deterioration in insulation quickly is important. This will let you take the necessary corrective measures.

Insulation resistance testing serves several purposes. It can be used as a quality control measure when producing a piece of electrical equipment. It can also be used as a troubleshooting tool and a periodic preventative maintenance procedure. Insulation testing can also be used as an installation requirement to verify proper hookup and make sure that specifications are met.

Every business field has a company that helps set the standard for the industry and leads it. Such companies are innovative and they manage to establish themselves as experts. One such company is Megger. This company is a leader in the field of insulation testing. For more than a hundred years, Megger has brought cutting-edge technology to the market. Therefore, if you are looking for the best insulation resistance tester, you can choose the Megger insulation tester.

This tester used to check the wiring for insulation thickness and verify any damaged areas. With this tester, you can also use it to check for any compromise in a wire’s protective sleeve and to find you if there are any stress areas, which deserve attention. This tester is a small, portable instrument, which is able to give you a direct reading of insulation resistance in megohms or ohms. If the insulation is good, the resistance typically reads in the megohm range. Essentially, this insulation tester is a high range resistance meter or ohm meter in short, with a built in current generator. The meter is specially constructed with both voltage and current coils. This enables users to read true ohms directly, independent of the voltage that is applied. This method of checking the insulation is non-destructive, meaning that it doesn’t cause the insulation to deteriorate. The tester Megger is the best device you can use to detect the insulation of electrical wires.

You can buy the Megger insulation tester from UDEYRAJ Electricals Private Limited. Our company researches, designs and manufactures power utility testing and measuring equipment. The testers we sell are ideal for use by power utility companies and other industries. We export our products to many countries all over the world. UDEYRAJ has a good reputation and is regarded as the leading company in India when it comes to power test and measuring equipment. The testers we offer are of high quality, high performance and easy to use. The testers are also versatile due to our ability to customize them.

At UDEYRAJ, we try our best to satisfy clients. We are an ISO certified company that adheres to stringent quality control. For this reason, our testers meet international standards. Our products are of excellent quality because of our advanced design, quality control measures, production processes and efficient engineering technicians. In addition, we are committed to delivering the devices on time.

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