Bdv Test Kit By Udeyraj – Fully Automatic Device that Makes Testing very Simple and Error Free

We are the most reliable and trusted manufacturers of Automatic Devices specially dealing in Bdv test kit. We are hi-tech machine, producing company dealing in and also making customized products for our clients since last 50 years. Our clients are based in India and abroad; we make use of the advanced technology producing machines that are customized according to our clients needs. Our expert team is highly skilled and each manufacturing process is give due regards when it comes to checking the quality of the product and reliable working.

Our Bdv Test Kit is one of the best products that we make for our clients; it has numerous advantages and uses. At, Udeyraj we believe in giving the quality products to our clients. All of our processes are highly synchronized to match the standards that our customers expect from us. We produce advanced designs with complete quality control systems. Our production processes are highly guarded with engineer and technicians with many years of experiences. We take pride in what we serve our clients since we give timely delivery to our clients and guarantee for our super quality products. Our core expertise is to research, design and manufacture different types of power utility test and measuring instruments.

We manufacture the microprocessor-based test equipment like the Bdv Of Transformer Oil, they are designed by experts and we make sure the machine satisfies every preliminary need of its working in manufacturing units. The Bdv Test Of Transformer Oil is a fully automatic operational machine. It is custom built and has a built-in printer indicator. Our Bdv Test Kit are available in the market since almost now 6 decades and more and they are widely used all over the world.

The Bdv Of Transformer Oil machine, the model AT-100 is compact machine having portable testers that gives smooth and variable output. The output is around 0-100 KV that helps test dielectric of the oils that are used in electrical equipments. The machine also comes equipped with a stirrer that is helpful in stirring the oil every 60 seconds.

Important BDV Transformer Kit Features:

  1. It is a fully automatic machine that comes with a display.

  2. The calendar and the time are on even if the machine is turned off.

  3. It can recall and print the last 99 results that are stored for more than a 100 years.

  4. It has an LCD display.

  5. There are different modes that shows Settling, Stir and Washing options in the display.

  6. The machine comes with a Printer.

  7. The machine has Ergonomic Design and is user-friendly device.

The Insulating Oil tester AT-100 is a tool that is used for measuring BDV of Transformer Oil. The machine displays the value on its screen. The automatic feature helps to operate the machine simply without the need of technical person operating it.

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