Udeyraj’s High voltage Testing Equipments used Highly in Industrial Applications

Today, there are numerous industries manufacturing products and those products are used as another raw manufacturing machines for higher end industries. These industries specifically use High Voltage machines because the production and accuracy are of measurable importance. Udeyraj is the name to reckon when it comes to excellence not only in the customized designs but giving the accuracy and the timely delivery. We take pride in helping our thousands of customers providing them with High Voltage Testing Equipment that is custom made for their units. Our sole aim is to provide them with the best quality products at economical rates.

We specialize in the design and manufacture of varied equipments that are supplied worldwide. The different units that use our High Voltage Tester are testing service companies, large industrial units, electrical contractors, electrical apparatus and so on. We innovate and we design with our expert team with par excellence, they are the most advanced machines that are made using latest technology. They are just not technically advanced but most portable, easy to use, maintain, testing and several other procedures.

The High Voltage Testing Equipment is specifically designed for the safe and practical use that helps in detecting the voltages in an electrical system that are used in power generation and distribution. They are mostly found in rail network, electrical service departments, petrochemical industries and maintenance industries. Udeyraj’s high voltage ranges of different products are designed based on the purpose they are made for. They come in different varieties and the voltages may vary. They come with some of similar features in all machines that includes an ergonomic design, portable and high voltage indicators, insulator leakage detectors, capacitive voltage indicators, circuit phasing equipment, etc. The test engineers and electrical power technicians use these machines. They rely heavily on these machines to find any defects in the system they are working on. These machines have the reputation of being the most accurate, reliable with a robust construction.

High Frequency Voltage Divider is a passive linear circuit that produces the output that is basically a fraction of its inner voltage. The voltage division is the product of the distribution of input voltage amongst the different dividers. The resistor voltage divider is used to make reference voltages. They are also used as signal attenuators at lower frequency. The voltage dividers have capacitive elements that make it perfectly sufficient. The capacitive elements help compensate the load capacitance. The electric power transmission uses the voltage divider for measuring the high voltage in their systems.

With expert knowledge and skilled experienced professionals , we make customized products for our clients. Our teams work in conjunction with our clients by starting from scratch. We design, produce, process, make quality control system with the help of engineering technicians and experienced workers. We, at Udeyraj believe in high quality products and giving timely delivery on the commitments that we assure to our clients. Our testers have always been the first choice for the electrical power utility companies. The products that we manufacture are exported giving high performance and they are very easy to operate.

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