Udeyraj Manufactures easy to operate and excellent quality High Frequency Voltage Divider in India

21st century society depends entirely on electrical power. Electricity is what literally makes the world go around. Absolutely every little thing we use during our daily routine needs and depends more or less on electricity. From the small things of personal use, like the electric toothbrush, TV, computers, phones all the way to the street lights and different industrial appliances, everything needs electricity in order to function. Any plant around the world, regardless the final product they work on, uses large amounts of power in order for the various machines and appliances to work. Because of this high use of power, they all have installed a High Frequency Voltage Divider.

The UDEY High Voltage Divider is the first choice for most industrial concerns and electrical power utility companies around the world. Any system needs two important parts in order to divide the electricity, the actual High Voltage Divider and a digital display meter which is connected by a provided measuring cable. For accurate measurement, the setup time is saved in the divider and the results are shown on the LCD digital display. A single light weight cabinet made of aluminum and a handle is used to transport both the digital meter and the voltage divider. The High Frequency Voltage Divider has two testers: one for the alternating type current and another one for the direct type current. For the alternating current measuring range starts from a 50 kilo voltage and goes all the way up to 100 kilo voltage. The same range is also available for the direct current measurement. That is the main reason why this divider is so popular is the high level of accuracy. Due to the fact that the inaccuracy, error level of this device is as low as 1% or 1.5%, it is a very reliable device to use for decision making. The weight of this tester also ranges between 9.5 Kilograms and 18.5 Kilograms fact which is very handy for industrial use.

Udeyraj Electricals Private Limited started business in 1958 in India under the name Udeyraj and Sons. The company specialized in research, design and manufacture of power utility test and measuring equipment. With more than half of a century of experience in the electrical technology and due to the company focus on product innovation, customer satisfaction and technical excellence, Udeyraj Electricals is now one of the largest providers in this domain across the world. The extensive success of the company comes also from their high performance, excellent quality and easily operable testers. Another remarkable feature is the high degree of flexibility and the team’s capacity to customize the testers according to the client’s requirements. The advanced designs, complete quality control system, production processes, efficient engineering technicians, complete quality control system, experienced workers, efficient engineering technicians, professional marketing and production staff, experienced workers and timely delivery commitments are the guarantee for the excellent quality products and top services all across the board.

For more details about Udeyraj Electricals products and services you can visit the official website or contact the UDEY team of specialists, as they are available and excited to be able to offer all the information you need in regards to their activity and experience. Try their services out. You will discover a world of high quality products and outstanding services.

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