UDEY’s Transformer Oil Testing Kits are Ensured to Measure With High Level of Accuracy

The insulation oil of voltage and current transformers fulfill the role of cooling and insulating. Therefore, a transformer can only operate securely if the quality of the oil is good. Some of the factors that cause transformer oil to deteriorate include moisture ingress and aging. In order to ensure smooth operation of transformers, the oil should be tested periodically.

Power utility companies perform periodic transformer oil testing because transformers represent a huge percentage of their total assets. Through this kind of testing, the lifespan of transformers can substantially increase. Therefore, power utility companies do not have to replace transformers sooner than is necessary.

In recent times, on site transformer oil testing procedures have replaced time consuming testing procedures performed in laboratories. There are many companies that manufacture portable oil testers. One of these companies is UDEYRAJ Electricals Private Limited. Our core business at UDEYRAJ Electricals Private Limited is to research, design and produce power utility test and measure equipment. Our main concerns are product innovation, customer focus and technical excellence. We have many years of experience in this field.

With our low weight transformer oil test kits, tests can be carried out on site and reported automatically. Some of these kits are battery powered and have useful accessories. Transformer oil testing procedures and sequences are defined by several international standards. The test kits are designed to measure with precision. In order to test transformer oil, one has to acquire the breakdown of voltage. The RMS value of the voltage breakdown is reported as an outcome. This procedure is safe and to ensure that operators are safe, a transparent hood is used to cover the test cell.

When using a transformer test kit, you can set the testing voltage anywhere up to a hundred Kilo Voltage. Our test kit comes with an operating manual, which is meant to guide users. It also comes with a mini cord that is two meters long, GO and NO GO gauges and a test cell. You ca use this specific test kit to test several oils including IEC and IS oils. The features of a transformer oil test kit make the testing of transformer oil ideal and practical. This is one of the things that make UDEYRAJ the leading manufacturer of transformer oil test kits.

Our transformer oil test kits are designed by experts and they are subject to stringent quality control measures to ensure that they meet the needs of users. Our testing kits are designed to measure with a high level of accuracy. Those who have used the kits testify that we a trustworthy oil test set exporter and manufacturer. Our testers meet international standards.

Our transformer oil test kits are microprocessor controlled and fully automatic. They are also easy to operate and have useful features like HT chamber interlock, double ground, and all safety incorporated zero start. Our company is ISO certified and people oriented. We focus on perfection when producing transformer oil test kits. We export our testers to many nations all over the world. They are the ideal choice for electric power utility companies.

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