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What are the Effects of High Voltage Transmission Lines on Humans and Plants?

As the world’s population grows, towns are getting bigger, and many new buildings are going up near high voltage power lines. Because people use more power, they must expend vast energy over long distances. Large configurations of transmission lines with high levels of voltage and current create strong electric and magnetic fields that affect people and things close by that are on the ground. We need to look into how the health of people living near transmission lines is affected by electromagnetic fields.

Let us see the effects of high voltage transmission

Electric and Magnetic Field (EMF) Effects

The highly ultra-high voltage causes electrostatic effects in EHV lines. On the other hand, electromagnetic effects are caused by short circuit currents and line loading currents. Electrostatic fields significantly affect living things like people, plants, animals, cars, fences, and pipes buried near or under these lines.

EMF Effects on Human beings

The human body comprises blood, bone, brain, lungs, muscle, skin, and other living things. The permeability of the human body is the same as that of air. However, different materials in the body have different electromagnetic values at a specific frequency.

EMF Effects on Animals

High-voltage tester manufacturers are looking into how an electrostatic field affects animals. So that they can do this, they keep the animals’ cages in a high electrostatic field of about 30 kV/m.

EMF Effects on Plant Life

Most places where high-voltage test equipment goes are farms and forests. Plant growth is affected by the electromagnetic field from high-power transmission lines.

It gradually goes up or down until it reaches the maximum current or the minimum current, and then it starts to go up or down until it comes to the maximum current or stays the same. Again, the recent shows little change until the next day’s morning.

EMF Effects on Vehicles Parked Near Line

When a car is parked under a high-voltage power line, an electrostatic field builds up in it. To avoid this, parking lots are built below the transmission lines. The recommended clearance is 17 m for 345 kV lines and 20 m for 400 kV lines.

EMF Effects on Pipeline/Fence/Cables:

A fence, irrigation pipe, pipeline, or power line forms a conducting loop when both ends are connected to the ground. The earth is the other part of the loop. If the loop is parallel to the line, the magnetic field from the bar can flow through it. If only one end of the fence is connected to the ground, a voltage is created across the end of the loop.

EMF Effects on Maintenance Workers:

Maintenance work on power lines is often done to ensure customers have a steady electricity supply. This is maintenance on a live line or hotline. Electric and magnetic fields could hurt people’s health.

Based on the review, analysis, and other research projects, there is no substantial evidence that exposure to shallow frequency EMF from nearby high voltage test equipment causes cancer or other harmful health effects in humans.

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