Get done entire test automatically and quickly with UDEYRAJ’s Contact Resistance Meter

Doctor test has also been called as contact resistance test. This test has been carried out quite often for checking as well as measuring the electrical connections, like terminators, joints, connectors, etc. It measures current leakage through these joints. Leakage current can cause harmful results or can cause a short circuit. In order to stop such electrical hazards or malfunction of the circuit, this test has been required to be carried out. It measures the strength of resistance at the Milli-Ohm level or at the micro level. As a result, it can detect the problems that are given below:

  • Adequate tensions on bolted joints

  • Loose connections

  • Corroded contacts

  • Eroded contact surfaces

So, this test carries immense importance in various electrical engineering processes or power engineering processes. The testing equipment that has been deployed to conduct this test is contact resistance meter. This meter has to be accurate and advanced. For that, you need to purchase it from branded as well as trusted manufacturer. UdeyRaj is one of the leading manufacturers for contact resistance testing meters. We produce advanced, cutting edge and exceptionally well made products, sufficing needs or requirements of buyers at the optimum level.

Contact Resistance Meter from Udeyraj

For conducting contact resistance test, we develop excellent quality meters or test equipment. This is a new generation product, and the most featuring part of it is that the product is fully automated. It comes with 4 terminal line loops and features completely digitalized displaying unit. Due to digital display, accurate, as well as fractional results can be perceived with precision. It can store test results in its memory, and the results can be recalled later if required. This makes the process of checking periodic performance of resistances easier. It also has built-in printer and light weighted product gives excellent portability.

Advantage of Fully Automatic System

The Contact resistance test is critical, and conducting it manually is difficult. To save time and to make the job easier, we offer high quality and fully automated contact resistance meter. It is a fully automated product and that means it does not need any manual intervention during the process of testing. Another benefit is that due to non involvement of manual tasking in the process of this test using this meter, getting the right results becomes easier. It gets more accurate and precise. The process saves time and lowers down the expenses. This is why for industrial purposes, using this product is utterly beneficial.

Benefit of Choosing Udeyraj Products

Udeyraj is a leading provider for advanced electronics testing equipments. We manufacture products with precision. Having more than 50 years’ of experience in this field, we strongly make a statement that we manufacture the most cutting edge contact resistance meters in India. Our systems are advanced and fully automated, featuring a simple to use mechanisms. We are trusted by buyers for our commitments. The products that we manufacture are technically robust, well built and perfectly poised to deliver accurate results. We assure providing quality products and fully customized solutions.

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