Udeyraj- Manufacturer of BDV Test of Transformer oil

BDV test

Oil is one of the most important components that are used in many different machines and appliances. The role of oil is a very unique one. It provides not only insulation in some of the machines, it also proves to be a good lubricant that can help the machine from the effects of friction. Even our body has lubricants in our joints to protect them. When it comes to insulation, transformer oil’s role is second to none. If you want to protect your transformer you must make use of the oil and make sure that it is performing its task effectively.

As time passes and the oil is used, it loses its power. This makes the transformers vulnerable to damage that cannot be repaired. This is why there is a need to conduct Breakdown voltage tests at different intervals to check the health of the oil. The oil protects the transformer against high voltages and when the oil gets weak, its ability to do so decreases. This means that you need to replace the oil so that it can perform its role properly. But how would you know when it’s the right time to change the oil? That is what the BDV test of transformer oil is made for. During the test, voltage is applied to the electrodes that are placed in the oil sample taken from a transformer. The voltage is increased continuously and when the system breaks down, we know that this was the breakdown voltage. The higher the breakdown voltage, the healthier the oil is. If the breakdown voltage is low, you need to get the oil changed because it is no more high voltage resistant. The BDV test of transformer oil also takes a look at the physical and chemical properties of the sample of the oil taken from the transformer.

The manufacturer of this BDV test of transformer oil, Udeyraj has done us a great favor because this test has really made it easy for us to maintain our equipment. The portable transformer oil kit is an even greater favor. Why would I want to take the sample of oil to the laboratory when I can just use the portable kit to test the transformer oil sample just there and then? The portable kit provides a 100 kilo voltage, which is more than enough to test the oil sample.

It is important that we recognize the manufacturer as a very reputable one because he really has solved a problem of ours.

The benefit of this test is that it makes us aware of the time when we need to replace the oil. It is highly important to do so because the oil also cools down the transformer. When you change the oil of a machine regularly, the life of that machine is increased significantly. This is why we change the oil in our cars at regular intervals as well. Through the results of the test we can also take a guess about how long the oil will be able to perform well.

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