Udeyraj designed insulating oil testers for accurate determination of the due-electric strength

Insulating oil

Insulating oil is basically highly refined oil, which is used in transformers for the purpose of insulation against high voltage and to keep the transformer cool. The role of this oil is more than just important because even though it may sound very small, insulating is a big task. It ensures that the transformer is safe from major harm when high voltage passes through it. The oil makes the transformer resistant to the high voltage using its own ability of providing insulation.

A breakdown voltage test is conducted to test whether the oil has the strength to fulfill its purpose or not. The oil needs to be replaced when it has lost its effect. This is done when the reports of the BDV suggest so. Insulation oil keeps becoming weak by time and use and so the transformer oil testing is periodically conducted. The transformer oil testing is a fairly simple procedure. Two electrodes are used and the voltage is attached to them, which is increased slowly. This process stops only when a certain level of voltage makes the system break down and this tells us the power of the insulating oil. It is now easy for you to understand the purpose of transformer oil testing.

Insulating oil testers

Easy and accurate determination of the strength of insulating oil is the most important thing when it comes to transformer oil testing. It is important that the strength of oil is determined accurately because this helps us maintain the transformer. It is not a small asset, so it is a very valuable one and you’d like to keep it in good health by doing all that you can. Oil testing can tell us whether or not the transformer is being kept safe against the high voltage that may be damaging. The oil keeps the transformer safe. However, the oil gets weaker with time and that is why periodical tests need to be conducted using oil testers. The breakdown voltage test is thus very important because it can give us a complete insight of what is required and what is being provided by the oil.

The transformer oil test kit is portable kit which can help you in testing the oil on the spot. It eliminates the need of taking the oil to a laboratory for tests. This kit is easy to use and provides around 100 kilo voltage for effective testing of oil. The kit is safe to use and comes with accessories that make its use easier. The tester works by conducting the normal and famous BDV test.


The testers are very important as they made it easier for people to test the insulating oil and keep their transformers and other such components safe from damage. High voltage can result in a damage which is beyond repair and no would want that to happen. The testers made by Udeyraj are of top quality and there is nothing that comes close to the accuracy that they provide.

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