Udeyraj – A Comprehensive Guide on High Voltage Insulation Tester

Reliable and effective insulation is necessary for the safe and correct operation of each and every product used for high voltage equipment testing. Even in the low-voltage mechanisms, day-to-day insulation checks are desirable and they are even a kind of legal requirement. Insulation testing is far more important in medium-voltage systems. This is due to the fact that insulation is generally under great electrical stress with the chances of failures, increasing and making the entire situation more dangerous and costly. Insulation testing is generally considered a third core analysis and is preceded by a flash test and earth bond.

What is Insulation Testing?

Insulation test actually measures the insulation protection resistance of a product by applying DC voltage between neutral and phase to the earth conductor in case of Class I tool. This goes between neutral and phase in the over case for the Class II tools. Insulation test actually ensures proper and protective insulation and is good for forming a barrier. The formation of this barrier ensures that the people will not be electrocuted and it even ensures that the other machinery and manufacturing systems will not be affected. This test can easily be applied to Class I and Class II tools. However, it is to be noted that this test needs to be carried out with the effective use of insulated clips or probes without any equipment being connected to the main supply of power. The test voltages might vary between different standards and it is generally applied for not less than three seconds.

Why go for Insulation Testers from Udeyraj?

Udeyraj has a range of varied insulation testers based on the application that they need to be used for. Our high voltage insulation tester is a portable instrument that has been specifically designed for measuring insulation resistance by making use of high DC test voltages of up to 10kV. We also deal with a complete range of insulation testers of 10kV and 5kV. All our models offer the latest features including dielectric absorption ration, polarization index, ramp testing and step voltages for testing insulation in the most accurate manner. The models have also been specifically designed for identifying the costly issues with high voltage installations.

Why is it Necessary to Choose the Right Insulation tester?

It is necessary to make the choice of the perfect insulation tester because insulation always has the chance of degradation with time. In the beginning, the insulation that is applied to a specific electrical system should be very strong for the complete nonexistence of leakage current. It also ensures that the electrical appliance can easily and safely be used for a very long time. Nevertheless, insulation is likely to degrade with time, resulting in leakage current. It is only because of this reason that the systems get less safe with time. This is the main reason why it becomes important to use the best insulation testing tools for testing insulation resistance. The insulation testing tool from Udeyraj would always be the best choice for both large, medium and small firms.

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