Primary Injection Kit by Udeyraj - The Most Reliable & Effective kit for Testing & Commissioning

Primary Injection Kit by Udeyraj – The Most Reliable & Effective kit for Testing & Commissioning

The top producer of power utility testand measuring equipment is Udeyraj Electrical Private Limited. A company that has existed for close to 59 years, Udeyraj concerns itself with meticulous research, design, and production of high-quality testers. One of our most popular devices is the primary injection kit With this kit, you can find out the actual operating condition of every component in a secondary protection circuit system. When troubleshooting and maintaining electrical equipment, the primary injection testing comes in handy.

Other applications:

In addition to checking the integrity of the entire secondary protection circuit, a primary injection test kit can be used in the following manner.

  • Examining the protective system’s wiring to ensure it’s done perfectly and that all devices are well connected.
  • Testing of the CT, VT and PT ratios and polarities. This is to verify that there is a correct link between the primary current and secondary current.
  • Assessing the earth fault relays and overcurrent.
  • To verify that every protective relay and switch on a CT circuit is getting enough current at the targeted angle.
  • Conducting thermal tests on switchgear, electrical panels, and busbars.
  • Testing how the MV, HV and LV circuit breakers respond to overcurrent.
  • Checking the ground grid installations.

Our PCT Series equipment features

Our PCT series consists of two units: a control unit and loading unit. As a result, the equipment is small, compact and portable. The handheld device is much more reliable that any traditional kit. Therefore, the unit enables the user to have full control of the entire primary injection test process. Udey PCT series gives you four models with different outputs. Thus, you can select from an output range of between 250A and 3000A. Furthermore, the control unit produces either a current output of zero to ten Volts at fifty Amperes or zero to five Volts at one hundred Amperes. There is also a separate voltage output of 0 to 250 Volts AC for testing all relay coils that use voltage units. As well, the extra output is designed for testing the magnetization traits of current transformers.

Our PCT unit features

Our high-quality testing and measuring unit has the following features.

  • It produces variable outputs throughout
  • Offers a True RMS digital metering for producing accurate outputs.
  • It is a compact, rugged unit that is highly portable.
  • The auto-switch off features applies to every mode of operation.
  • Current outputs are isolated and free from distortion.
  • Useful for testing your thermal gadgets.
  • Offers a centralized design where all controls and metering are contained.

When it comes to metering, you will get a LED digital ammeter that is CT-run for current outputs. As well, there is a LED digital Voltmeter designed for voltage output and boasts good accuracy counts. There is a Digital Timer too, with four digits and a crystal base. It is a multi-range timer with good accuracy counts. There are Timer Control Circuits that automatically start the timer when there is an output and stop it when the device that is being tested is running. There is output Rating feature that offers a consistent rating and does not go beyond fifty percent of the rated output.

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